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*Seasonal fruits may impact immediate inventory.

Eighty proof alcohol and 100% agave are the main ingredients that makes up our tequila. Bottled by hand in small batches by our artisans, Dauntless is naturally infused with fresh, locally sourced fruits and spices. Handcrafted premium spirit without dyes, sugars, colors or flavors carefully infused for those with discerning pallets.


Click on the name of your favorite infused flavor below to purchase.


Raspberry with lemon notes

Blueberry with lemon zest

Black Cherry

Pineapple & hints of berry

Mango with strawberry notes

Strawberry with tangerine twist

Mango with hints of blackberry

Blueberry with tangerine zest

Asian pear with lemon notes.

Lavender with strawberry notes

Mango with kiwi notes

Fresh Mango 

Kiwi with raspberry notes

Pineapple with raspberry notes

Strawberry with jalapeno zest

Watermelon with blackberry notes

Blackberry with mint and berry notes

Blackberry with blueberry notes

Apples with a hint of lime.

Pineapple with tangerine zest

Strawberry with notes of pineapple

Blackberry with jalapeno notes & lemon zest

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